Joanna Sinclair

Accreditations and rankings help you make a wise choice about where to get a degree, attend executive programs or find the best customized training solutions for your company. “A degree is like a tattoo, it follows you for life,” says Aalto EE's Academic Director and Head of Thought Leadership Dr. Mikko Laukkanen.

Sanna Wester

I finished recently my studies at Aalto University Executive Education, Board of Directors Program. As a whole the three days we had together were addressing all the right issues about having a well-functioning board, and I was quite pleased with the overall outcome.

Joanna Sinclair

“70% of offline sales are generated by online content. Omnichannel is the future for marketing in any industry and the CIO will be the CMO’s best friend”, predicts Federico Barbieri at Aalto University’s Divia forum.

Talent can no longer be reduced merely to a list of competencies. According to Riitta Lumme Tuomala, Director, Russia, Talent Management, Marketing and Alumni Relations at Aalto University Executive Education, leading and spotting talent takes fresh thinking and boldness.

Riitta Lumme-Tuomala

I am writing this in the library where, at the pace of a snail, (or is there a creature slower than a snail I could use as a metaphor) I am rewriting my first paper, my first “submission”.