Ville Blåfield

Big data was supposed to be the “new oil” and the smartest thing businesses can have. But researchers claim data is not of much help if you don’t know how to use it. Journalist Ville Blåfield examines what type of cultural shift it would take to be smartly data-driven. Illustrations Jarkko Hyppönen.

Ville Blåfield

Finnish design house Artek now continues its life as part of Swiss company Vitra. Mirkku Kullberg, Artek’s former CEO and current Chairman of the Board, talks to journalist Ville Blåfield about the way cultural heritage can be turned into business. 

Peter Adriaens and Antti Tahvanainen

Over the years, defining CleanTech became increasingly difficult, as its tentacles reached far beyond energy into manufacturing, travel and lodging, and transportation. In 2015, the message from Chrysalix’ Wal van Lierop was clear: “CleanTech has become fully embedded in all sectors of the economy”.