Joanna Sinclair

“70% of offline sales are generated by online content. Omnichannel is the future for marketing in any industry and the CIO will be the CMO’s best friend”, predicts Federico Barbieri at Aalto University’s Divia forum.

Talent can no longer be reduced merely to a list of competencies. According to Riitta Lumme Tuomala, Director, Russia, Talent Management, Marketing and Alumni Relations at Aalto University Executive Education, leading and spotting talent takes fresh thinking and boldness.

Riitta Lumme-Tuomala

I am writing this in the library where, at the pace of a snail, (or is there a creature slower than a snail I could use as a metaphor) I am rewriting my first paper, my first “submission”.

Paula Salovaara

Journalist and entrepreneur Paula Salovaara says the most valuable asset she gained from her Aalto Executive MBA years were the friendships.

Anna Ratala

The promise of high quality was very important to me as I was not just looking to do "an MBA" - I wanted to get the most value out of it. As a Finn, I know Aalto University as a trusted brand and an institution that delivers excellence.