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Huimin Hurry

Think about a recent situation where you had to influence another person or group. It could be in a leadership position, a business negotiation, a sales consultation, a stakeholder meeting, or even as a parent. How did you exercise your influence, and were you able to achieve the desired outcomes?

Reetta Räty

Executive Coach Ben Nothnagel is Mr. Simple of leadership and self-development. He possesses a simple solution to your complicated problems. Interview by Reetta Räty. Photo by Touko Hujanen.

Dr. Roberta Grossi, PhD

So often people fear negotiations as they do not know who they will meet, how the other will act, what strategy they have and what the competitors are offering. In fact all the energy that goes into such fears is not necessary. Going into a negotiation with the right mindset, will create the conditions for a successful negotiation that will be carried out smoothly, in a relaxed atmosphere and where the outcome is a full win-win collaboration.