Joanna Sinclair

“Most everyone knows that innovation is defined as the vibrant and dynamic fusion of invention and commercialization. For some reason, far too many companies – let alone governments – seem to forget what commercialization means. I will give you a hint: it has to do with sales and customers,” says Ken Morse, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, global sales veteran, Visiting Professor at ESADE Business School, Founding Managing Director at MIT Entrepreneurship Center 1996-2009 and Chairman of Entrepreneurship Ventures Inc.

Riitta Lumme-Tuomala

The weeks and months since the DBA seminar, my focus in view of advancing my research, (embryonic stage research, I might add…) has been on qualitative research, or more precisely reading books and articles on the topic. “Qualitative business research methods” is namely one of the compulsory courses we all DBA students need to take.

Anca Agapi & Valentin Chernikov

For the past years we have experienced an intensive rise of big data with its capacity to understand and predict consumer behavior. Customer acquisition, customer activity, recency, frequency and monetary value, share of wallet, customer engagement value, as well as life-time value are just a few customer-related marketing metrics that are used nowadays by many companies to measure firm performance.

Mark Badham

Aalto University Executive Education Ltd (Aalto EE) is a part of the Aalto University family. Aalto EE is a business entity set up to operate the university’s executive education activities. These include the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Executive MBA and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programs as well as Customized Programs and Executive Programs.

Joanna Sinclair

”In information overload society, people face a virtual tsunami of data all day long. In this setting, recognizable and simple services win,” Bo Harald explains the future of banking services.