Joanna Sinclair

At its best, digitization enables completely new ways of working and creating value, but technology does little good alone – in fact in worst cases it may hinder your productivity – unless organizations take on a brave outlook on how technology relates to culture and new ways of doing things. Visionary speaker Teemu Arina touched upon these issues at his Keynote presentation in Aalto EE Helsinki at DiViA.

Riitta Lumme-Tuomala

The first blog post from February ended with a promise, and I quote “Next time, I will write the post together with my supervisor just to test the thickness of my academic skin.” So be it. I have invited Professor Henrikki Tikkanen to answer some questions and to share his views on what has happened so far on my academic path. In his world, this fascinating world of academic research, I am, after all, a dilettante.

Anna Asikainen & Anca Agapi

Many companies have a significant opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors by learning how to create, quantify, communicate and capture customer value by implementing customer value-based pricing strategies.

Anna Asikainen & Anca Agapi

Pricing is the one managerial action that has the most direct impact on a firm’s success. Despite its vital role in firm profitability, sustainability and survival, pricing has not been considered an executive management task.