Ville Blåfield

Big data was supposed to be the “new oil” and the smartest thing businesses can have. But researchers claim data is not of much help if you don’t know how to use it. Journalist Ville Blåfield examines what type of cultural shift it would take to be smartly data-driven. Illustrations Jarkko Hyppönen.

Joanna Sinclair

“70% of offline sales are generated by online content. Omnichannel is the future for marketing in any industry and the CIO will be the CMO’s best friend”, predicts Federico Barbieri at Aalto University’s Divia forum.

Anca Agapi & Valentin Chernikov

For the past years we have experienced an intensive rise of big data with its capacity to understand and predict consumer behavior. Customer acquisition, customer activity, recency, frequency and monetary value, share of wallet, customer engagement value, as well as life-time value are just a few customer-related marketing metrics that are used nowadays by many companies to measure firm performance.

Joanna Sinclair

For a business looking to thrive in the long run, sustainability is really not an alternative, it is the only option.

Katja Alaja

Who says learning has to take place only in the classroom? When we unleashed students to apply their learning to leading international companies, innovative ideas resulted.