Heidi Hammarsten

The earlier a designer is involved in product development, the more added value is created. That is the lesson learned by Mikko Veikkolainen and Jari Kettunen of Kemppi, a manufacturer of welding equipment.

Paula Salovaara

Journalist and entrepreneur Paula Salovaara says the most valuable asset she gained from her Aalto Executive MBA years were the friendships.

Anna Ratala

The promise of high quality was very important to me as I was not just looking to do "an MBA" - I wanted to get the most value out of it. As a Finn, I know Aalto University as a trusted brand and an institution that delivers excellence.

Anna Asikainen & Anca Agapi

Many companies have a significant opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors by learning how to create, quantify, communicate and capture customer value by implementing customer value-based pricing strategies.

Anna Asikainen & Anca Agapi

Pricing is the one managerial action that has the most direct impact on a firm’s success. Despite its vital role in firm profitability, sustainability and survival, pricing has not been considered an executive management task.

Maria Karsten

Doctor Anil Gupta is a Professor of Strategy at University of Maryland. He is one of the world’s leading experts on strategy and globalization. Below you will find two interesting videos where he talks about the economies of China and India.