Annukka Oksanen

Journalist Annukka Oksanen and a group of experts examine what a successful career looks like in the 2010s. Can a career be planned? What happens to the career path, when money and rising up the ladder aren’t the only defining factors?

Talent can no longer be reduced merely to a list of competencies. According to Riitta Lumme Tuomala, Director, Russia, Talent Management, Marketing and Alumni Relations at Aalto University Executive Education, leading and spotting talent takes fresh thinking and boldness.

Joanna Sinclair

It has to do with stepping up the pace, making things happen right now. Yet there is more to it than mere acceleration. It is rapid progress paired with an astute appreciation of the job, supreme confidence, and unstoppable willpower. It is the state of mind it takes to change the world.

Joe White

Renaissance Man and Leonardo Da Vinci. The words are almost synonyms. He was the embodiment of man reborn in an age emerging from centuries of darkness who added his own searing light of genius onto it.

Katja Alaja

Select people whose values match those of your company. Then, think of ways you can keep them. This will ensure your future performers are more than mere shooting stars.

Joanna Sinclair

Identifying, attracting, sustaining and making the most out of talent requires respect for other people. You also need an inherent understanding about what makes talent tick.